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Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems

for Source Capture and Removal

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

Your mechanics keep everything running.
Have you fixed their air quality?

Because carbon monoxide is odorless, few realize how quickly exhaust emissions from a cold-start engine can reach toxic levels within a closed building. It’s only a matter of minutes. And repeated exposure to hazardous (and possibly carcinogenic) fumes at lower levels can wreak dire health effects over time.

Without control and removal, vehicle exhaust can lead to worker illness, heavier facility maintenance and damage to the sensitive electronics of diagnostic and servicing equipment. Yet eliminating vehicle exhaust is not only the right thing to do for your employees and the facility, it’s the law. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and International Mechanics Code, as well as the California Mechanics Code, mandate a source capture system that connects directly to the motor vehicle exhaust. (For rules and regulations, click here.)

Vehicle Exhaust (VEX) Capture Systems protect employees from toxic emissions of gasoline and diesel engine exhaust. They also are extremely energy efficient, providing significant cost-savings compared to exhausting large volumes of heated or air conditioned air from shop work bays. Our portable or space-saving retraction overhead hose reel systems feature inflatable air-bladder couplings for a leak-proof seal.

Our portable exhaust removal systems are lightweight, easy to handle and a practical solution for exhaust removal where stationary systems may not reach. Our space saving "spring or power retracting" overhead hose reel systems help prevent technician trip hazards by keeping and storing exhaust hoses safely off of the shop floor.

While vehicle testing on a dynamometer (dyno), we can provide you with exhaust removal.

Lower insurance costs by controlling risks of workers' compensation claims and control janitorial maintenance costs by reducing oil film, carbon black and shop odors in the workplace.

It just takes one phone call. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation at (800) 998-1974 or send us a request for a personalized quote. We will provide a free site visit and product/engineering analysis and present a custom-designed plan and estimate for your facility.

How much is too much?

• Maximum eight-hour exposure is 35 ppm (parts per million)

• Just 200ppm (2- to 3- hour exposure) causes headaches, fatigue, nausea and dizziness

• At 800ppm, some feel the effects within 45 minutes. At levels above 2000ppm, Carbon Monoxide can render an individual unconscious in less than 30 minutes

Learn More

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Risk Assessment
Carcinogenicity for lifetime exposure of diesel engine exhaust

California EPA, Air Resources Board
Toxic air contaminant emissions from diesel-fueled engine

OSHA Priorities: Diesel Exhaust
The agency’s hazard description and delineated position on diesel exhaust

Diesel Exhaust in the United States
A reprintable panel brochure produced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer
Evaluation of diesel and gasoline engine exhausts

Health Effects of Diesel Exhaust
Powerpoint overview of several scientific research protocols

Rules and Regulations
A quick reference on all applicable standards by agency

Uniform Mechanical Code
Applicable requirements for clean air in the workplace

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Diesel Exhaust in USA
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Learn more: the dangers of exhaust
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